Our Story

Once there were a group of University Students (well, not so long ago) who loved latest tech especially Apple devices just like you. But with time they realized the current system to purchase is not at all student or to say the least, customer friendly. Ironically all what it was, was seller friendly. From shopping experience to buying and all the way to after-sales experience, it was completely frustrating, and you’d agree.

Hence one fine day they teamed up together to build a system which caters to the needs of all students in the entire country, to provide Apple devices; genuine yet at an affordable price with delivery right to the students very hands regardless you study in Colombo, Kandy, Jaffna or anywhere else. They also introduced a special warranty scheme which extends beyond the ordinary One year AppleCare warranty and 24/7 tech support neverseen anywhere else, at zero additional cost. They created a team which understand students like no other. 

And dear all, that is…..theSPARKtech.

Over the years theSPARKtech has successfully progressed into expanding its scope to cater to not only students but also the local Professional body and the Corporate sector.

theSPARKtech is now a three department entity with;

  • theSPARKtech Student
  • theSPARKtech Professional
  • theSPARKtech Corporate

With a separate division for Repairs, all Striving continuously to provide the best customer experience at all times.

Best wishes,

Team theSPARKtech

Why Choose Us

Island-wide Delivery

All your precious goods will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Extended Warranty

One & Half year warranty for all iPads.

Instant One-to-One replacement for all Apple Pencils.

One year AppleCare warranty for all Apple Accessories.

24/7 Support

We are open for your inquires and any technical assistance all-day, every day.